What is Interactive Collective?

We create interactive products and connective experiences that go beyond traditional gaming.

Our mission

The mission of Interactive Collective is to create smart interactive products that allow people of all ages to connect, find inspiration, and most importantly have fun.

We build connective, collective, creative, and interactive products that can be used by people of all ages, allowing them to connect and enjoy unforgettable experiences while creating new healthy habits and having a great time together.

By using the power of smart technologies, such as more adaptive LED lighting and computer systems, InterActive Collective creates connective and interactive games that go beyond traditional gaming.

Our vision

In a world ruled by individualism, where we are all in a hurry and constantly miss out on opportunities to connect with one another, InterActive Collective saw a clear necessity to improve human interactions by creating new interactive tools combining the power of smart technologies and psychology.

We apply the latest technologies to improve human interactions.

We help you connect with each other with highly interactive and connective games.

We develop new opportunities for social activities and teamwork.

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