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Senses & de Suit

Training your senses

InterActive Collective has created and organized a wide amount of themed team-building events through the years, the first of which is Senses & de Suit, a fully customizable team-building activity that can be easily adapted to any industry or sector, and that is meant to build connectedness with a focus on emotional intelligence through the use of our senses.

Senses & De Suit is a fun activity that can be adapted for a wide range of participants, specifically from 10 to 200, where players are divided into teams of 4 to 6 people. The game consists of different missions that require a strong team collaboration and strategy planning to be solved, and that will make you train and further develop your 5 senses.


Our most dominant sense


Our most powerful sense


Our most limited sense


The first sense we develop when we’re born


One of the fundamental senses

How to play

Senses & de Suit can be fully customized, which means that you can create your own game experience. Aside from great fun, there is an important lesson that comes with our team-building exercises and activities. Participants have to think about the group as a whole, and forget about themselves as an individual.

This ensures communication flows bidirectionally between colleagues, family or friends, and allows players to anticipate what other team members will need next, improving their communication, and allowing them to solve all missions successfully.

Who can play

Senses & de Suit has been designed for team-building activities but the truth is that it is a game that can be played by anyone. As long as you can feel, smell, hear, taste and see you’ll be ready to go!

Where to you play

Literally anywhere!

Benefits of playing

The success of a business often depends on how well their staff members are able to cooperate across projects and everyday tasks.

Team building activities such as the ones InterActive Collective hosts go a long way to achieve a better workplace atmosphere. This consequently has a positive impact on company processes and goals, team relationships and teamwork.

  • Understanding dynamics
  • Using senses
  • Making connections
  • Applying strategies
  • Building trust
  • Improving communication
  • Having experience
  • Increasing collaboration
  • Instinctively anticipating

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